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                                                                                                As the manfacturer of the electronic controls for all of VITA SPA'S fine line of portable spas for over
                                                       20 years, Consumer Engineering is in the unique position of being able to provide factory fresh
                                                       replacement electronic control parts for all VITA SPA products built between 1988 and 2009. 
If you
                                                       need replacement parts or help in repairing a Vita Spa Control System, we can help.


In addition, we build the best and most economical UV ozone generator in the industry, the "OzoneMax".

                                                                                 adaptor              SECURITY LIGHTS

For over 25 years, Consumer Engineering has provided homeowners with screw-in adaptors for their
                                                     porch lights.  Our leading product has been the "911 Flashlite", which provides a flashing light to direct
                                                     neighbors, police and emergency vechicles to your home.

                                                   LIGHTBULB               PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT SERVICES

                                                   Consumer Engineering also offers the services of it's team of electrical, mechanical, and software
                                                   engineers to help develop, prototype, and manufacture a wide range of electronic products.  Patent
                                                   searching and application filing is also available.

                                             touch      PRODUCT MANUFACTURING SERVICES

                                                 After your product is designed and prototyped, we would be pleased to produce it for you and help you
                                                 get it into the marketplace.  You will probably find our manufacturing costs lower than most other
                                                 companies, plus we can work with short runs and make seamless changes in production as your needs change.

                                                 If you have an electronic product that is already developed, or maybe already in production, please give
                                                 us a chance to quote on it's production.  You will enjoy our small company flexibily.